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MajorCarl on 10 Oct : 05:46
Have renewed this website domain and hosting for another year. Any and all support is greatly appreciated to help pay the expenses for our site to stay online.
MajorCarl on 01 Oct : 16:04
Found a new family member Mat Garrand. Thanks for the photo and email Mat
MajorCarl on 24 Sep : 17:32
Recently added photo's click on Jack Garrand Family also Carson Kelsey 2012, it's not necessary to be logged in,enjoy
MajorCarl on 14 Dec : 09:07
Thank You Bev & Gerald Ducatte for the $10.00 donation to keep our site alive, your help is greatly appreciated.
MajorCarl on 22 Nov : 04:33
Welcome Beverly & Gerald Ducatte. Nice to have you with us!
MajorCarl on 07 Nov : 23:53
Welcome to our Family Website!!Please be patient while our site is reconstructed.Anyone wishing to register please go to the signup page link.

Welcome to The Garrand Family Website!
The Garrand Family Website is currently under reconstruction. Please visit the link below to view some of our current Family Photo Collection

Registration is no longer needed to view our website. Simply click on the links on the left side of the page to view photo's Enjoy !!.
Enjoy The Site and visit often as new photos will be posted as we go.
Posted by:MajorCarl on Sunday 07 November 2010 - 17:17:54 | Comments turned off

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